NWPGCL Overview

The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has taken initiative to reform the power sector of Bangladesh with the objectives of increasing capacity and efficiency by ensuring transparency, accountability and better services. With a view to achieving these objectives, North West Power Generation Company was incorporated in RJSC (Registrar of Joint Stock Companies) under the companies' Act-1994 on 28.08.2007. NWPGCL is a state owned power generation company. Bangladesh Power Development Board holds total shares of this company. The Board of Directors is overall responsible for the direction, strategic planning and policy guidelines of the company. A skilled Management Team comprising of Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director (Finance), Executive Director (Engineering), Executive Director (P&D) ,Company Secretary is engaged in implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors. They are also responsible for achieving business goals and overseeing the day-to-day operations and other activities of the company. NWPGCL primarily started with Sirajganj 150 MW peaking power plant development project, Khulna 150 MW peaking power plant development project and Bheramara 410 MW combined cycle power plant development project. The company started supplying electricity in the National Grid in November 2012 after the commissioning of Sirajganj 150 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant (Later upgraded to 225 MW combined cycle). Ensuring proper utilization of limited resources, NWPGCL has implemented Sirajganj 225 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (Unit-1 & Unit-2), Khulna 225 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Bheramara Combined Cycle Power Plant within a short time period of 10 years. Total installed capacity of these four power plants is 1074 MW.

Presently there are five ongoing projects. After implementation of these projects total installed capacity will be 3928 MW. As part of future development activities, there are seven power plant projects with installed capacity of 6237.6 MW are under planning. NWPGCL will be able to supply approximately 7000 MW of electricity within 2021 and 10000 MW within 2030 in the National Grid of Bangladesh.